Hing is patient, encouraging and professional as an instructor. She is always calm and reassuring during lessons which is great for learner drivers. She is also very knowledgeable and experienced, always provides good explanation and examples to consolidate with.  Thank you very much for a life long skill!

Jacqueline Liu

I found learning to drive from Hing really easy and she made me feel at ease.  When I was learning I had control of what I wanted to do in the lessons as well as guidance from Hing on what we needed to concentrate on.  She was really good at helping me understand how to improve my driving skills and she is really friendly too.  I highly recommend Hing so much that my sister is now learning from her.  Thank you for all your help Hing.
Mariyam Zafoor

I cannot recommend Hings driving school enough to whoever is thinking of taking up lessons. Hings lessons are personally tailored to your schedule, your local area (lots of roundabouts here), weaknesses and personal requests, this makes every lesson tailored just for you. Your learning environment within the car is relaxed but progressive with gentle/gradual reiteration mainly down to Hings patient and friendly demeanour with not a raised voice to be heard. You will get homework to make progress out with the car too.  Before undertaking lessons I felt I did not want to pass my test till I was fully ready in all aspects of driving as I have toddler to think about in the car too. With Hings constructive feedback during and at the end of every lesson, I feel very confident undertaking short and long journeys, country and motorway roads as the skills and knowledge I was taught in my time with Hing continue on after passing my test first time. Thank you for all your guidance Hing, this life skill has brought so much independence and freedom to the household.

Alexandra McMinn 

I went to Hing a for just a few lessons while I was in Edinburgh but I have learned so much in that time. She is very committed to her job and clearly thinks for her students even beyond their  I can really commend how she always pushed me to do better as well as being encouraging. Thank you Hing!

Malcolm Goodare 

Hing is a very friendly and polite instructor who I never had any trouble with.  She was very flexible in my needs and always lets you know well in advance if she needs to change schedule.  She is very devoted to bringing you up to the test standard as quickly as possible and I very much enjoyed my lessons with her.

Lewis Campbell 

I have had a very positive experience from learning to drive from Hing. She is a very professional, encouraging and motivating driving instructor. I found her teaching technique very systematic (it had been a little bit chaotic with my previous instructor), which made me feel more in control of my learning journey. She gave me great tips on how to improve my driving technique and also good resources where I could further develop my driving knowledge.
I am very happy to have been taught by Hing, she is very passionate and committed to her job. Thank you Hing for being so professional and committed to your job and students!
Ornela Tepshi

I passed my test at the first attempt because Hing not only prepared me with the skills necessary to meet the test standard but also because she gave me the confidence to believe I could do it.
However, Hing doesn’t just teach her students how to pass the test, she also teaches them how to be good, safe drivers. Hing is patient and persistent and was great at offering me lessons at times that suited my schedule. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hing to anyone thinking of taking driving lessons.
Robbie Crockatt 

Would just like to say a huge thank you to my instructor Yuk Hing Lau for my lessons and helping me pass.
Now I have my license and I continue to get better because of the help and safety tips my driving instructor had given me. The instructor is very knowledgeable and will do everything to help you get over your fears of driving.
Definitely would recommend to everyone.
Oleg Griaznov

I would like to thank Hing for her patience while teaching me how to drive. Hing is a great instructor and I would recommend anyone taking up lessons to work with her. I always had no qualms about my lessons and she made sure I was prepared fully for my test. Thanks Hing.
Jake San

Hing is a very thorough and patient teacher especially when driving is not your strong point. Went through all the basics so that I could gain confidence and passed first time. Not only prepared me for my test but I can now apply the knowledge to every day driving.
Sukey Ellen

Hing has a patient supportive manner when skillfully giving driving instruction. She instilled me with confidence and knowledge which allowed me to pass my driving test. Thank you Hing. I am very grateful.
Heather Moore

Hing is patient, encouraging and professional as an instructor. She is always calm and reassuring during lessons which is great for learner drivers. She is also very knowledgeable and experienced, always provides good explanation and examples to consolidate with. 

Thank you very much for a lifelong skill! 

I thought Hing’s driving teaching was excellent, really thorough and patient. The things she taught me about driving have stayed with me and made me a safer driver. Thanks!
Mary Parrish

Hing was the 6th driving instructor I have taken lessons with over the years, yet the first instructor I felt worthy of referral. Not once (in 24 lessons) did she behave in an unprofessional manner and always attempted to meet my expectations. If anything I would feel slightly guilty if I didn’t, “do the homework” inbetween lessons that she diligently advised. I had almost given up attempting to pass my test but Hing’s calm and patient instruction was the key to my success. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hing to anyone who is serious about passing their driving test, I still think of her advice even after passing my test!
Alan Robinson

My experience with Hing’s Driving School was excellent from start to finish. Hing was very patient and understanding throughout my driving lessons and shared her vast driving experience with me which enabled me to believe in my own ability and be a safe and disciplined driver. She is friendly, professional, approachable and a great teacher. I would highly recommend her as a driving instructor. Thanks again.
Matthew Tsang

Thanks to Hing’s calm teaching style, showing faith in my driving abilities I was able to drive on the roads with confidence. Many of the little tips she taught me before my test I still use today.
Daniel Traylor

So pleased that I picked Hing to be my driving instructor. She gives me best tips, constructive feedback and friendly chat. Naturally this allows me to always stay relaxed during lessons. I can’t recomment Hing highy enough! I was not just taught to pass a test but how to drive safely. An excellent instructor overall, always patient and friendly.
Rory San

I learnt my driving from Hing’s Driving School and passed my test first time. Hing is a very friendly patient instructor, knowledgeable and always encourages her students. I had almost given up learning how to drive with my previous 2 instructors beforee I met Hing. She kept encouaging me until I passed my test. Without her I wouldn’t be driving now and driving has improved my life since passing. I really appreciate the help I had from her.
Dan Lin

Learning with Hing was an enjoyable experience, providing me with skills I have been able to transfer into jobs all over the world working as a driver of various vehicles.
Patrick Traylor

I learned from BSM before from Hing. I highly recommend Hing as she is very patient and give you positive thinking. If she wasn’t my instructor I definitely give up. I passed the road test in the first time. So after 13 years, when my daughter wanted to learn driving, I recommended Hing to her, amazingly she passed the road test in the first time again. Thanks Hing for saving her time and my money.
Abby Tsang

I already experienced in right hand driving, took a couple of lessons to learn to drive on the left hand side of the road. I found Hing to be a calm and patient driving instructor and very clear in her directions. I learned from her some things I hadn’t before and I wish I had her when I first took lessons. I’d definitely recommend her!
Christina Suter

I took 3 driving lessons with Hing in order to brush up on manual driving as I was going to be renting a manual car for a road trip and haven’t driven manual in over 8 years. I was really nervous at first but Hing was always very calm, easy to understand, and would talk me through the process which helped me immensely. Honestly the best driving instructor I’ve ever had, and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend her!
Thanks to her I’m now much more confident and comfortable driving manual. 🙂
Erica Hohmann

I took a short driving course with Hing in order to refresh my driving skills.
I was absolutely satisfied with Hing as she points out all the difficult aspects of driving in a very simple to understand way.
I would surely recommend her!
Panadiotis Kotzampasis

Hing was very patient and accommodating to all of my needs, and made appropriate suggestions on areas we could work on to help me become a more confident, independent and defensive driver. She supported all of her explanations with clear visuals with model cars to help me better understand positioning and manoeuvres. I would definitely recommend taking driving lessons with her!

Christine Schoepfer