Standard hourly rate: £30.00.

Students hourly rate: £28.00. (ID required for the first lesson)

Terms and conditions apply.

Block booking offers:

Standard rate 5 hours block booking: £145.00.
Standard rate 10 hours block booking: £280.00.

Students 5 hours block booking: £135.00.
Students 10 hours block booking: £260.00.

Terms and conditions apply.


Recommend a friend and you will receive one hour’s free tuition when they complete 2 paid hours of driving lessons, or equivalent monetary value.

Special Gift for successful driving test candidates!

Get your tuition car hire for your practical driving test paid for by your instructor. Once we agree when you can do your practical driving test, you may book your test online. You have to maintain your normal lesson schedule up to your test day. If you pass on that day, I will waive the usual two hours tuition car hire as a congratulatory gift!

(Usual cost £60.00)


Gift vouchers:

Gift vouchers are available for any special occasion! Give your friends or a loved one a special treat, and they could benefit from a life-long skill.